Mitt Romney: I’m Not Going to Focus on the Federal Reserve

Mitt Romney “I’m Not Going To Focus On The Fed”

Mitt Romney, who formed a presidential exploratory committee, told Larry Kudlow, when asked about the Fed:

I think Ben Bernanke is a student of monetary policy; he’s doing as good a job as he thinks he can do.

When Kudlow followed up by asking what kind of job Bernanke is doing, Romney replied:

I’m not going to spend my time going after Ben Bernanke. I’m not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve.

And there you have it, despite the economy going thorough one of its worst periods because of Federal Reserve manipulations of interest rates and the money supply. And despite the fact that we are on the verge of a huge new bout of price inflation, Romney is not going to focus on this.

BTW: Romney really knows how to rough it. He is Mormon and served his required missionary time in France.

It’s ironic that Top New Hampshire Tea Party leader endorses Romney

Since the Tea Party was created by libertarians as part of Tax Day protests, and advocated an end to fiat money and the Federal Reserve System, ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and supporting states’ rights.

Mitt Romney has praised the monetary policy of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, and has taken the majority of his campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse Group, Morgan Stanley, HIG Capital, Barclays, Kirkland & Ellis, Bank of America, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, EMC Corp, JPMorgan Chase and the financial elite, so it makes sense he supports Bernanke and the Federal Reserve.

Romney raised taxes when he was governor of Massachusetts. In 1996, he called the Steve Forbes’ flat tax proposal a “tax cut for fat cats.” In October, he characterized the fair and flat tax as a “non-starter.”

Romney increased the size of government in Massachusetts. “During his four year tenure as Governor of Massachusetts spending increased significantly, from $26.27 billion to $34.69 billion, an astounding 32% increase. This spending binge did not mirror increases in state economic activity either – in fact it out paced it. During Romney’s term state spending increased as a percentage of GDP from 8.84% to 9.81%,” writes Wendy P. Warcholik for the NH.

He forced socialized medicine on the people of New Hampshire. “Voters of Massachusetts did not vote for RomneyCare. Mitt Romney foisted the granddaddy of Big Government expansions upon them without warning. He championed it from the beginning. Again, without any prodding from his Democrat rivals,” writes Carla Howell.

Tom Thompson’s (chairman of New Hampshire’s Americans for Prosperity) support for Mitt Romney is about getting an establishment Republican in the White House. If he sincerely supported the tenets of the Tea Party as originally envisioned, he would throw his support behind Ron Paul.


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