When Sen. Kirk Watson couldn’t name one thing Obama accomplished in the Senate

Do you remember when…

Austin Sen. Kirk Watson got ambushed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. It was not pretty. Watson was there to extol Barack Obama whom he has endorsed. It should have been easy work since Obama romped in Wisconsin tonight.

“What’s the unique selling point of Barack Obama to Texans?,” Matthews asked. Watson responded with hope, excitement, building coalitions, etc.

Matthews set Watson up: “You are a big Barack supporter aren’t you senator?” “Yes, I am,” replied the pride of Austin. “Name some of his legislative accomplishments,” Matthews asked. Watson demurred.

“Sir, you have to give me his legislative accomplishments,” Matthews pressed. “You support him for president. You are on national television. Name his legislative accomplishments, sir. Can you name anything he has accomplished, SIR?” Watson stammered.

“List Barack Obama’s accomplishments as a senator now. NOW.” Mathews commanded. Watson couldn’t.

Even Chris Matthews was surprised when the Obama campaign’s own surrogates are left utterly stumped when asked to list his legislative accomplishments as a Senator.

Can anybody name one thing Obama accomplished in the Senate?


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