Documentary: “Surviving Japan”

This [documentary] will never be reported in the mass media. The Japanese government is putting the interest of the nuclear power industry before the lives of Japanese citizens. Now, only the international opinions can save Japan and Japanese children.

Surviving Japan Trailer : A Documentary From a Volunteer in the Japan Tsunami Relief
Please Help Fund this Documentary by Chris Noland.

Surviving Japan is a documentary by volunteer and director Chris Noland. It is in short, a documentary of the events in Japan after the tsunami as a catalyst to inspire Japan and the rest of the world to push for renewable Energy to avoid the cataclysmic future we will face if we continue to ignore these problems.

The documentary shows the humanitarian and aid crisis that faced the people in the wake of both natural and man-made disaster. That the continuance of using finite resources will only produce limited results for a limited number, leaving the rest of the world out of the equation.

The Aim is to inform, educate and change.

Chris Noland was shocked to hear that some people were not receiving aid in the wake of such a massive disaster after millions of dollars in donations, only to find out that private volunteers had to use their own money to feed these people all because of Bureaucracy.

This same Bureaucracy is the one that keeps us from non-renewable energy and peace on earth.

This documentary is not just for Japan, it is for the world. Because if we do not make change, we will not have one.


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