Calgary (Alberta, Canada) Windstorm (Videos)

Calgary Windstorm: Strong Winds Flip Transport Truck Over On Highway
There was probably good reason why authorities warned people to stay off the roads during Sunday’s windstorm in southern Alberta. Downtown Calgary was closed to traffic because of falling and flying debris. On the highways, drivers had to watch out for things more dramatic than flying junk.

A video filmed by the passenger in this car caught the moment a transport truck flipped over due to strong wind gusts. At about 30-seconds you can also see a road sign that has been bent over by the storm.

Calgary Windstorm: Lufthansa Flight Makes Dramatic Landing In Strong Winds
One of the worst places to be during a storm of any kind is probably on a plane about to land. Parts of southern Alberta were hit hard by a windstorm on Sunday that damaged buildings, shut down traffic and helped spread a grassfire around Lethbridge.

The winds caused delays at Calgary’s airport today and made for some dramatic moments like this one that was caught on tape. A Lufthansa pilot had to be at his best on Sunday when he landed his Airbus A340 during the windstorm.

The technique, known as de-crabbing, forces a pilot to shift the plane slightly towards the crosswind while approaching the runway.

Wind Storm in Calgary
Wind gusts of 85-110 km/h in calgary and most of alberta!!! it was very dusty and scary!

November 27 calgary wind storm
Braving the wind and watching the shingles blow off the roof as the wind gusts to 120 kph.

Messed up fixing a roof in 130 km/hr wind storm in Calgary

Calgary Wind Storm #2 Nov27th

Calgary is Windy
An Extremely windy day in Calgary, at the end of november.

After the Storm
City of Calgary crews and residents finish the clean-up after last weekend’s storm, but questions remain about how to lessen the impact of future wind storms on the fringes of the city.


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