Glenn Greenwald: Is Obama Fulfilling the Neocon Dream of Mass Regime Change in Muslim World?

When former cheerleaders of war, former warmongers and former war-supporting journalists suddenly become anti-war, it makes me suspicious. It often seems that, for such people, being anti-war is little more than a cynical posture, a way of scoring points by joining the critique of an unpopular war. They appear to be serving themselves, rather than serving the potential victims of war.

~ Anti-war Journalist Brendan O’Neill

General Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran

Paul Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz Doctrine, Gen. Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark: About ten days after 9/11 I went to the penatagon and I say secretary Rumsfield and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz.

I went down stairs to see some of the staff who used to work for me and one of the Generals called me in and said “Sir, you have got to come in. Come in, you have got to come in and talk to me a second.”

I said “Well, your to busy”.

He said, “No, No, we have made the decision to go to war with Iraq”. This was on or about the 20th of September [2001].

I said “We are going to war with Iraq? Why” [emphasis added].

He said, “I don’t know” [crowd laughs]

He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do”. [crowd boos].

So I said “Well did they find come information connecting Saddam to Al-Queda?”

He said, “No, No. There is nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.”

He said, “I quess its like, we don’t know what to do about terrorists but we have a good military and we can take down governments”

So I came back to see him a few weeks laters and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan.

I said “Are we still going to war with Iraq?”

And he said “Oh, its worse than that.”

He reached over on his desk and picked up a piece of paper.

He said, “I just got this down from up stairs from the Secratary of Defense’s office today. This is a memo that describes how we are going to take out 7 countries in 5 years.”

“Starting with Iraq, then Syria and Lebenon. Then Lybia, Somalia and Sudan. Then finishing off Iran.”

Amy Goodman: “Go Through the countries again.” [crowd laughs]

Wesley Clark: “Well starting off with Iraq, then Syria and Lebenon, and Lybia, Somalia and Sudan. and back to Iran.”

Political Blogger Political blogger Glenn Greenwald recently wrote about retired General Wesley Clark’s recollection of an officer telling him in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks that the then U.S. Secretary of Defense had issued a memo outlining a plan for regime change within five years in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. We play an excerpt of Clark’s comments and ask Greenwald to respond. “What struck me in listening to that video … is that if you go down that list of seven countries that he said the neocons had planned to basically change the governments of, you pretty much see that that vision, despite the perception that we have a Democratic president and therefore the neo-conservative movement is powerless, is pretty much being fulfilled,” Greenwald says

Democracy Now! Transcript

Neoconservatives Planned Regime Change Throughout the Middle East and North Africa 20 Years Ago


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