Videos: Cats vs. iPads: The Ultimate Showdown

(1) The cat Murray plays with his favorite app

(2) Patrick, the cat, wants to catch the laser but his laziness stop him.

Starring: Patrick “TheEmptyHead” Cat and iPad
App: GameForCats

(3) White Tiger Plays iPad – Game for Cats Gone Wild! Lions, servals, and more! and

These cats need your help! It is donations from people like you that allow the center to continue. Please visit this page to see all the ways you can donate:

Become Arthur Tiger’s friend on Facebook!

On January 20th, 2011 the folks at the Conservators’ Center in Mebane, NC took our iPad Game for Cats to find out if exotic cats like iPad Game For Cats just as much as their domesticated cousins. It turns out, they do!

(4) Cute Cat plays on iPad

(5) Cat MiuChu play around the iPad

(6) Ava plays with iPad apps Noby Noby Boy and Magic Piano.

Ava is a rescue kitty, found in a local backyard with a swollen abdomen. An x-ray revealed an abdominal hernia (some sort of trauma tore the muscle of the abdominal wall and her intestines were outside the wall) with a bullet lodged just above her spine. She had been shot and sustained extensive bruising on her stomach that caused the hernia (she may have been kicked or hit hard in the stomach). She had surgery to repair the hernia and has the sweetest disposition despite her ordeal.

(7) 8 Weeks Old Kitten Charlie, Plays with the New iPad 2 !

(8) Two Siberian cats like to play “Game for Cats” with Apple iPad 🙂
Note that the iPad has Invisible Shield screen protector.

(9) Mollie plays with Cat Toys “Frog” app on iPad


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