The world’s creepiest robots

Repliee Q1 japanese humanoid robot
This humanoid robot is covered in a skin-like substance, moves its mouth, shifts its torso as though it’s breathing.

Albert HUBO Introduction – korea scienceworld
“Albert Hubo,” a robot topped with a head modeled after Albert Einstein, welcomes delegates to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

The Child-Robot with Biomimetic Body (CB2) changes facial expressions and rocks back and forth

A platform for Cognitive-development Robotics built by JST ERATO Asada Project and Kokoro Co. Ltd. This is an award-winning video showcasing what the project is all about.

Noelle: A Pregnant Robot Trains Students
Her name is Noelle and she’s a lifelike, pregnant robot used in increasing numbers of medical schools and hospital maternity wards.

Medical students at Johns Hopkins University are getting a real-life birthing experience when a robot goes into labor. Kasey-Dee Gardner reports. Discovery News

Hanako is equipped with the set of teeth made of hard plastic and lifelike mouth cavity which can bleeds and flows saliva just as human reflects against stimuli.

QRIO kicking the ball.

Can a robot outperform a human?

Sony QRIO throwing a ball

Robo fly
Researchers at Harvard University are confident that further development of this device will allow it to be used as a miniature mobile spy.

HRP-3 Promet Mk-II
The HRP-3 Promet Mk-II is a blue-collar android tough enough to trudge through heavy rains, carry out disaster relief operations and work in environments hazardous to humans. The robot was unveiled on June 21, 2006 at Kawada Industries headquarters in Tochigi prefecture, Japan, where it showed of its ability to operate power tools and walk on slippery surfaces.

The name AIBO is based on words “artificial intelligence robot” as well as a Japanese word that means a partner.

AIBO robot playing with a cat!

Creepy Japanese Crawling Robot
A performance artist from Japan has built a weird crawling robot that looks like an elderly businessman.

Actroid, creepy robot receptionist

Creepy Child Robot

Creepy Robot Mouth
Engineers at Kagawa University in Japan are developing a talking robotic version of the human mouth: To enable the robot’s speaking abilities, engineers at Japan’s Kagawa University used an air pump, artificial vocal chords, a resonance tube, a nasal cavity, and a microphone attached to a sound analyzer as substitutes for human vocal organs.


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