Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary

Deux Ex Human Revolution
RELEASE DATES: North America: 23/08/2011 | Europe: 26/08/2011
EyeBorg Project

Adam Jensen is the mechanically augmented protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Read more ….

A Canadian filmmaker whose childhood hero was Lee Majors as a bionic man is making the most out of what he has done to compensate for having lost one eye by becoming Eyeborg Man. Rob Spence, who lost an eye in a childhood shooting accident, calls himself Eyeborg Man because he wears a prosthetic eye that behaves as a miniature video camera, transmitting footage wirelessly to a recording device. What he looks at realtime is filmed realtime. He sees it as a kind of window on his soul. Those in medical science see it as a step toward stirring interest in the future of bionics. Spence’s bionic eye consists of a wireless video camera that sits between two layers of a prosthetic eye. The design comes from his collaboration with a former engineer for the rocket firm SpaceX, Kosta Grammatis.

Canadian filmmaker and video journalist, Rob Spence was interviewed on the Today Show about the on-going development for his eye camera.

Blind man Miikka Terho on how chip helps him ‘see
A chip implant fitted behind the retina of the eye has been shown to offer some visual aid to patients with a form of inherited blindness.

Miikka Terho from Finland was fitted with the temporary chip at a clinic in Germany and was subsequently able to discern a clock, household objects and letters.

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