Ron Paul responds to Michael Moore

I’m interested in the question, “what should be the government’s role in the economy?”. The topic of this blog is health care. I chose Ron Paul because he is such an interesting politician.

Larry King: Michael Moore believes universal healthcare is everyone’s right…

Ron Paul: Public option a form of socialism.
Ron Paul: I dislike the current system as much as Michael Moore does.

Larry King: Lyndon Johnson once said, “the probable answer is the government has to be half capitalistic and half socialistic … you have to have some social security socialism…you have to take care of those who don’t have…pure capitalism can’t work

Ron Paul on Afghanistan War: We shouldn’t have gone in. And we should come home.

Health Care Reform with Michael Moore

When Lyndon B. Johnson took office after Kennedy’s assassination he declared ‘a war on poverty’. These policies were known as the ‘Great Society’. What did it achieve? Why did Johnson’s Great Society fail?

Government also provides many kinds of help to businesses and individuals. Government supports individuals who cannot adequately care for themselves, e.g. Social Security, Medicare Medicaid and programs, and Food Stamps.

Many of these programs, including Social Security, trace their roots to the “New Deal” programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who served as the U.S. president from 1933 to 1945.

Many other assistance programs for individuals and families, including Medicare and Medicaid, were begun in the 1960s during President Lyndon Johnson’s (1963-1969) “War on Poverty.” Although some of these programs encountered financial difficulties in the 1990s and various reforms were proposed, they continued to have strong support from both of the United States’ major political parties.

Lyndon B Johnson – The Great Society

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