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Mysterious Orange goo washing ashore in Alaska

Orange goo washing ashore in Alaska is egg mass, scientists say (Reuters) – A mysterious orange goo that washed ashore in an Alaska village last week and sparked pollution concerns turns out to be a mass of crustacean eggs or … Continue reading

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Euclid’s Elements Book I, Definitions.

Level: High School, SAT Prep, College. Definition 1. A point is that which has no part. Definition 2. A line is breadthless length. Definition 3. The ends of a line are points. Definition 4. A straight line is a line … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Poppy Cultivation drops, Beekeeping becomes popular source of income

Afghanistan is benefiting from a concerted effort to promote beekeeping. In fact, if this video is to be believed, beekeeping may be a key tool in eradicating opium poppy farming. With Afghan officials reporting a 15% drop in opium farming … Continue reading

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