Political Spectrum Quiz

Where do you stand?
Discover your place on the political spectrum!
This quiz will let you know where you fall on social liberties, economics, foreign policy– even the culture war. In truth, this isn’t a quiz so much as a set of statements that you must agree or disagree with. Based on your responses we will place you on a graph–also termed a political compass–that separates social liberties from economic opinion. (Note: “political compass” is a term popularized by the web site of that same name. GoToQuiz.com has no affiliation with the political compass web site). We will also show you what type of foreign policy you support, and how liberal or conservative you rank in the culture war.

There are 53 questions on this test, the first one is:
1. Laws should restrict abortion in all or most cases.

I took the test, and here are my results for the Political Spectrum Quiz :

My Political Views
I am a left moderate social libertarian
Left: 4.84, Libertarian: 2.51

Political Spectrum Quiz

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