Balinese cup trick / candle trick / spinor demonstration

What’s the simplest explanation for this trick?

How does this trick relate to the spin-statistics theorem?

“It’s the Balinese candle-dance trick, and if you don’t know it, go find someone who can show you how to do it. You hold the coffee cup with your right hand underneath it, straight out in front of you. Now bring it left, under your underarm, awkwardly around front with your elbow straight up in the air. That’s 360 degrees, and you’re a pretzel. Keep going around counterclockwise, this time swinging your arm around over your head. At 720 degrees the coffee cup is back where it started, unspilled, and your arm is straight once more. Keep going round and round until you believe it…

Read more here: half-integral spins and Pauli exclusion

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