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Pi is wrong! Here comes Tau Day

Are you marking Tau Day? Are you a π fan, or do you think it is time for change? Are you a tau convert? Describe your ‘conversion’ experience? Find out why mathematicians are campaigning for π to be replaced with … Continue reading

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A Compilation Of Michele Bachmann’s Most Famous Quotes

Michele Bachmann is a republican presidential hopeful. Michele Bachmann says she asked God about running for political office. Here’s an excerpt of the exchange that went down between Bachmann and CBS host Bob Schieffer on the program: “Did God tell … Continue reading

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Oops! Statue of Liberty stamp shows Las Vegas lady!

I wonder how many have noticed that! Was it simply a mistake or a freudian slip? Is there a subliminal message in this? The U.S. Postal Service printed 3 billion copies of a new postage stamp with the image of … Continue reading

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