What Is The Last Beer Worth To You?

It’s a men’s dream to have a walk-in fridge at home…

Or this type of “Walk-in fridge” …

What if you remembered, you had your LAST beer left in the fridge; and you put it off as you knew there was only one LAST beer left, and you wanted to have it at the peak of your thirst?

The man, in the following commercial, goes to great lengths to keep his last Heineken from falling into the clutches of a “Blind Date.”

What Is The Last Beer Worth To You?

A bid is an indication by a potential buyer of the price the buyer is willing to pay for the object being auctioned.

What would be your strategy if you were one of the 3 patrons? I mean, what would you have done, bid or not bid? What went wrong in this bidding game?Did the bartender do something wrong?


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