What words best define 2010 for you?

What words best define 2010 for you?

Can you sum up 2010 in one word?

What word would you choose or like to add to that list?

John Morse, Merriam-Webster’s president and publisher, said the noun saw more than 250,000 searches on the dictionary’s free online tool. Its sudden popularity is undoubtedly linked to global interest in the European debt crisis and the austerity measures implemented by some European countries.

“What we look for … what are the words that have had spikes that strike us very much as an anomaly for their regular behaviour,” Morse told The Associated Press. “The word that really qualifies this year for that is austerity.”

Runners-up also announced Monday included pragmatic, moratorium and socialism.

Word of the Year: “Austerity” Beats “Socialism”
Merriam-Webster’s Runners-Up for Most Popular Word Searches in 2010 Include “Moratorium,” “Bigot” and “Shellacking”

Refudiate, Spillcam, Vuvuzela Top Words of 2010
Texas Firm Announces “Spillcam” from Massive BP Oil Spill as No. 1 Word in Annual List

“Google” Wins Top Word of Nameless Decade

“9/11”, “Green” and “Text” Among Most Influential Words of the Past Decade (aka the “Aughts,” aka the “Naughties)

Other popular words : “bank bailout”, “balloon boy”, “beer summit”, “mini-Madoffs”, “Climategate”, “Octomom”, “unfriend”, “inaugurate,” “H1N1” and “rogue”

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